Jack White Humiliates Fan In Car Video


Jack White is never really one to love the spotlight. Sure, White has done it all, but he never really relished in the success that he so well built. Jack White has always been more of a modest act while he steered clear away from any of the drama within the industry. Certainly, White would do anything to ensure that his career still always stayed afloat, but he never wanted the bright lights to be on him all of the time.

Jack White enjoys his leisure time. That’s very apparent as he stays to himself most of the time. At the height of the White Stripes fame, it was still very hard to ever catch outside of the four walls of either the studio, the arena, or his home.

Fast forward to a recent video of Jack White in his red and white Ford Bronco and a fan rides up to him on a motorcycle (maybe a scooter), and asks him to play a game of ‘rock, paper, scissors,’. White obliges and instantly gets ready for the duel.

Jack would draw rock and win. He would then say “Who the f*** do you think you’re playing with?”

Jack White’s Instagram would repost the video to their page where you can get into all of the action within the comments.