Keith Richards Make Sad Heart Attack Revelation


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards discussed a heart attack killing legendary musician Dr. John in a new Toronto Sun interview.

“I’m so sad — Mac Rebennack,” said Richards, using Dr. John’s real name.

“We often played together a few times, many years ago now. We always had a great time. He liked to have a great time and so do I.”

Richards recently reissued his 1988 solo album Talk is Cheap, partially recorded in Le Studio in Morin Heights, Que., to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

“That was great because that was mostly a Canadian piece of work,” he said. “I never expected to sort of see a 30-year-old record come out again. And they did a great job on it so I was very, very happy about it.”

The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is discussed by his photographers in a new Fox News article about Morrison Hotel pictures that are for sale featuring the rock icon. A funny story about Richards being asked to sign autographs for several police officers was discussed by Timothy White.

“It was a major coming-of-age moment for me. No publicists or bodyguards, just a rising photographer and this legend I’d grown up listening to. Between rounds of pool and drinks at an otherwise vacant dive bar in Tribeca this is among the few shots we managed to get before heading over to the Hudson to catch the sunset.

Crossing Greenwich Avenue, we were stopped by an NYPD office asking Keith to sign his violation book. Moments later, a few more showed up. I tried to rush things along as the sun began to sink, but when a female officer opened her bulletproof vest to reveal the Rolling Stones shirt she wore under her uniform, Keith couldn’t refuse signing just one more autograph.

I may not have gotten that moment on film but we did manage to get the shots we were looking for and then some. Turning away from New York’s finest, he told me, ‘I could run for mayor of this town.’ After that day, I’m convinced he could, and win, too.”