Keith Richards Reveals How Bandmate Has Aged In New Photos


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards recently wished bandmate Charlie Watts a happy birthday on his Instagram page. He shared a photo showing how he and Watts have aged over the years, with an old picture and a new one.

Richards wrote, “Now and then! Happy Birthday , Charlie Watts. Love, Keith….. swipe.”

Former The Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman’s documentary ‘The Quiet One’ will open on June 21st in New York, L.A., San Francisco and Boston. The film was written and directed by Oliver Murray and features interviews and footage of Wyman, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Bob Geldof, Ronnie Wood, and Charlie Watts. The documentary will be released digitally on June 28th.

The press release states, “Throughout his three-decade career as a founding member of and bassist for The Rolling Stones, Bill Wyman was known to the world as the “quiet one” in the band. Now, the famously private music legend speaks out about his extraordinary life and experiences as part of ‘the greatest rock and roll band in the world.’

Opening up his vast personal archive—a lifetime’s worth of previously unseen home movies, photographs, and memorabilia—Wyman reflects on his early years with the Stones, the band’s meteoric rise to fame, and his search for a sense of ‘normalcy’ amidst the whirlwind of sex, drugs, and rebellion. Endearingly humble and down-to-earth, Wyman pulls back the curtain to offer a one-of-a-kind perspective on life as a reluctant rock star.”

“It is all of a haze to me,” says Keith Richards. “If I want to know what I did in those years, I have to ask Bill Wyman.”

A screening for ‘The Quiet One’ was recently canceled after backlash of resurfaced stories about Wyman allegedly sleeping with his future wife Mandy Smith when she was 14 years old.