Metallica Screwing Jason Newsted Finally Called Out


Metallica screwing former bassist Jason Newsted out of having his bass parts heard on …And Justice For All was recently called out by a popular writer. Jason Newsted’s recent comeback performance video recently surfaced.

Brent Terhune tweeted a photo that included Metallica and The Beatles album, “What are YOU listening to today?”

Famous writer Dave Lindquist responded, “My older brother played his ‘Sgt. Pepper’s’ 8-track every day when he drove me to school in his Plymouth Fury. (Did you get the copy of ‘Justice’ that has Jason Newsted’s bass parts? Neither did I.)”

Newsted once said, “I can’t explain how much grief I dealt with – and still deal with – over that record.”

He also said, “I was so in the dirt. I was so disappointed when I heard the final mix. I basically blocked it out, like people do with shit.”

Newsted recently revealed what Gene Simmons did to him. “Jason is one hell of a bass player,” Justice co-producer Flemming Rasmussen told Rolling Stone in 2016. “I’m probably one of the only people in the world, including Jason and Toby Wright, the assistant engineer, who heard the bass tracks on … And Justice for All, and they are fucking brilliant.”

Newsted did co-write “Blackened” on the record, his only co-songwriting credit.

He told Guitar World, “I’m fucking around with this riff, and then [singer-guitarist James Hetfield] started playing along, and the song started forming right at that time. … Him going, ‘Dude, that riff’s good enough to open our fucking album,’ really gave me a feeling of victory, because I looked up to him greatly, and still do to this day.” The rest of record featured songs by Hetfield, Ulrich and Hammett and the near-instrumental “To Live Is to Die” was an amalgam of music Burton had left behind and, as such, it’s the place on the album where the bass is most pronounced with its grinding riffs and punchy rhythms.