Kevin Smith Reacts To Eddie Vedder Cover: ‘I Don’t Like It As Much As The Original’


demetrios has unearthed a rare clip of legendary 90’s filmmaker Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman discussing Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder’s cover of the 60’s Batman theme. Garman told Smith that Vedder is a huge fan of 60’s Batman.

Smith replied, “Oh is he really, Batman 1966?”

Garman said that Vedder uses a guitar pick with his name in the Batman 60’s logo style, and ‘Kapow’ on the other side.

Smith said, “That’s cool.”

Garman mentioned Vedder had wanted to cover the Batman theme with Pearl Jam, but ended up recording it with his daughter. Smith listened to it and found it adorable, but said he still much preferred the original.

“That’s adorable, sweet.”

“That being said, don’t tell the kid, I don’t like it as much as the original. Hey man, I grew up with the OG, just saying. No covers for me, thanks.”

You can listen below to the clip of Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman discussing Eddie Vedder’s love of Batman and his cover of the iconic theme song.