Kid Rock Drops Bill Clinton Party Bombshell

Singer-songwriter Kid Rock had some interesting stories to tell during a “Club Random” interview with comedian Bill Maher recently, and the well-known Trump supporter dropped a bombshell about attending a private party with none other than President Bill Clinton in 1998.

Over some whiskey, beer and cigars, Rock recounted the night he had shared with the show’s host in 1998, around the time he had released his first successful album “Devil Without a Cause” – Maher’s “Politically Incorrect” show was the first show that Kid Rock had appeared on after his album’s success, and the interview led to the pair hanging out with the ex-President.

Kid Rock said the night included joint smoking in a limo with Maher and being part of a private party with Clinton. Maher was called a ‘stoner’ by Kid Rock when he was unable to recollect the events of that night.

“We ended up going to see Bill Clinton; we had dinner with Gregory Peck, went out to my limo, we smoked a joint.” Rock said.

“Who’s we?” Maher asked.

“Me and you” Rock replied laughing and adding, “Stoner.”

A shocked Maher asked, “We did?”

This prompted Kid Rock to go over the events of the night, to which Maher seemed oblivious – imagine not remembering that you smoked a joint in a limo with a rock star and had a private party with the President of the United States of America.