The Killers Guitarist Doesn’t Play On A Lot Of Band’s New Album


According to album credits, guitarist Dave Keuning does not play on half of The Killers’ new record Wonderful Wonderful. He doesn’t play on “Wonderful Wonderful,” “Run For Cover,” “Some Kind of Love,” “The Calling,” and “Out of My Mind.” Keuning is not featured in the band photo on the back of the album, or any of the band photos in the album booklet (as seen above).

Keuning quit touring with the band last month, and has not spoken at all about The Killers or even offered any comment on his decision outside of a magazine interview prior to the news even coming out. Bassist Mark Stoermer quit touring last year, but he has a heavy creative presence on the album and is featured in all promotional photos.

Bassist Mark Stoermer and producer Jacknife Lee share guitar duties on “Wonderful Wonderful” and “The Calling.” Jacknife Lee plays guitar alone on “Run For Cover,” “Some Kind of Love,” and “Out of My Mind.”

Keuning is only credited as a co-songwriter on “Rut,” while Brandon Flowers is credited on all 10 songs, with Mark Stoermer and drummer Ronnie Vanucci Jr. credited on 9 songs. Jacknife Lee is credited as a co-songwriter on 7 songs, Alex Cameron co-wrote 5 songs, Stuart Price co-wrote 2 songs, and Ryan Tedder co-wrote 1 song.