Kim Thayil Reveals Why Chris Cornell Was ‘Decisive In His Actions’


Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil discussed Chris Cornell’s personality in a new Forbes interview.

“Certainly the majority of the time I knew him he had a great sense of humor, he had a strong work ethic and he was strong in character. He was not someone who’d do anything he didn’t want to do. You couldn’t make him do stuff he didn’t want to do. He was very resolute and decisive in his actions. And he also traveled light. He didn’t carry a lot of things with him. He tended to try to dump baggage, whether it was material or even social or relationships. He traveled light, he didn’t carry a lot with him.”

Thayil discussed his musical connection with Cornell in a new Vulture interview.

“I think it was the way we connected musically. When we jammed together, we immediately started writing songs — it came pretty easy to us, and I think the interest in the material we were coming up with was enthusiastic and mutually appreciated. We liked the uniqueness and creativity we were sharing. We were coming up with progressive elements, and we liked to focus on emotive things and use chaotic elements — that’s what the band was about. We didn’t like traditional song-structure arrangements. We weren’t interested. Otherwise, I’d go do something else. I’d be a dishwasher.”