Metallica Member Kicked Off Stage At Bad Show


Metallica‘s original bassist Ron McGovney recently took to social media via Twitter to post a picture of photo panels in the bar area of Metallica XXX at the Fillmore in San Francisco 2011. The picture features all past and present band members of the band. A Metallica icon freshly reacts to horrible arrest rumor.

This prompted the Twitter user @SamuraiJoeC2 to ponder: “Wasn’t there a second guitarist in Metallica that played on “HTL” [Hit The Lights] on the “metal massacre” compilation when James was trying to do the vocals only? All I remember is seeing pictures with James without a guitar but with a mic stand. I took it as there was a time early on in the band when they were experimenting with just one guitar and James as a lead vocalist. Following in footsteps of Diamond Head, [Black] Sabbath, et al”

This Metallica icon recently broke his silence on James Hetfield drinking. To which the original bassist for Metallica responded: “James [Hetfield] played guitar and wrote riffs on guitar at band practice. We played our first five gigs or so with him just singing. We played 1 show with Dave [Mustaine] and another guitarist. After that debacle, James played guitar and sang at shows.”

When the user followed up by asking what the debacle was and if Mustaine and the other guitarist didn’t get along, McGovney revealed the shocking truth and how things turned south quickly for the short-lived guitar player. James Hetfield’s Metallica recent ‘freak out’ before rehab was also revealed.

The other guitarist decided to do Jimi Hendrix solo on stage while the rest of us were still getting dressed. First and last show for him.”