KISS Member Makes Bold Queen ‘Steroid’ Remark


In a new Music Radar interview, KISS drummer Eric Singer praised Queen, comparing them to ‘The Beatles on steroids.’

What’s been your proudest moment?

“I would say playing with Brian May, because other than Jimi Hendrix, Brian May is my favourite guitar player and Queen is my favourite band. They were like The Beatles on steroids.

“They all wrote, they all sang, they were all great musicians, and they have a unique sound. Brian May’s guitar playing is so individual and having a voice on your instrument is very difficult. They were such a talented group and they had this unique chemistry, so getting to play with Brian and playing Queen songs, that’s pretty cool.”

Can you remember the first song you learned to play?

“I do remember in sixth grade, I was probably 12, I would play ‘Fire’ by Jimi Hendrix.”

What comes after the End Of The Road?

“I started off playing the American Songbook in my father’s band, we used to play for a lot of country clubs and rich people. But the music was always the classic American Songbook – like Cole Porter, Gershwin, so I grew up on that music. You know, I wouldn’t find it that far-fetched if I ended up going full circle back to my roots. Honestly, I’d really love to play a little four-piece kit like I originally played in my formative years and just play purely for the songs and the music I was weaned on.”