Korn Member Reveals How He Can Relate To Chris Cornell’s ‘Suicidal Thoughts’


Speaking to the Z93 radio station at last weekend’s Rock On The Range festival in Columbus, Ohio, Korn’s Brian ‘Head’ Welch discussed Chris Cornell’s passing: “I’ve struggled with suicidal thoughts, I’ve struggled with depression for years, and so it just hit me hard and I can’t shake it, thinking about it and his kids.”

He continued: “I was talking to [fellow Korn guitarist] Munky earlier, and we have to communicate, man. We have to talk to people — to family or stranger or whatever, whoever, hotline, whatever we have to. ‘Cause we all have to fight through this life, and it sucks sometimes to live — sometimes it’s not easy.”

Welch also acknowledged that Cornell’s death affected him even more deeply because of his own battles with depression and suicidal thoughts.

“I think all of us in Korn, to some degree, have struggled with those kinds of things — at least depression,” he explained.

“I never met any of the guys in Soundgarden, but the other guys in the band have,” he added. “And our management is close with some people that really… like, Alice In Chains and stuff like that. It’ just so close to home. But we’re gonna honor him, we’re gonna look to the future and we’re gonna celebrate him and make some positive out of it.”