Kurt Cobain’s Daughter & Courtney Love Visit Where He Wanted To Escape In 1994


In 2015, photographer Charles Peterson said Kurt Cobain wanted to move to Scotland before he died.

He recalled, “I remember late one evening I was working with Kurt for a magazine in Manhattan.

“He was just sitting, talking about life with me, then out of the blue he said, ‘I want to buy a castle in Scotland’. Kurt really did want to make his home there.”

“It was maybe a pipe-dream but he wanted to make it a reality. He was serious when he said it. He was enamoured with Scotland and the music scene in Glasgow especially.”

He told the Daily Record newspaper: “I ran into him about a week before his death, right around the time he was supposed to be playing in Glasgow.

“There was no way he looked like he could be playing a gig in Scotland.”

“People were shocked by how he died – I automatically assumed it was a drug overdose.”

“That seemed like it would have just been par for the course. But it was devastating.”

“There won’t be another figure like Kurt – the world has changed and he’s the last music mystery.”

Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain are in Scotland for Thanksgiving. Cobain had Irish and Scottish ancestry.