D’arcy Says Smashing Pumpkins Bandmate Died Twice: ‘Drinking, Drugging, Womanizing’


Original Smashing Pumpkins bassist D’arcy Wretzky took shots at her former bandmate Jimmy Chamberlin in recent comments on Alternative Nation articles when talking to readers. She also discussed her disappointment with Billy Corgan for ‘throwing away everything forever’ in regards to an original lineup reunion.

Kevin commented:

Yeah, but Jimmy ODs on coke, gets their keyboardist killed and ‘all is well’.

Kinda a double standard. But then, Corgan doesn’t seem concerned about making sense.

D’arcy responded:

Billy even told me himself (on the phone- TALKING) that when they’ve toured together (he and Jimmy) since I left he was always the same old Jimmy: meaning drinking drugging womanizing

Billy didn’t care.

I don’t use drugs anymore.

Gabriel Bianchi commented:

Also, my comment was not meant to imply he treated her like shit because she was a woman, but that people in the comments section is treating her with a double standard because she is a woman. They call her crazy and a drug addict while never mentioning Jimmy, who literally almost died of an overdose with Jonathan Melvoin.

D’arcy responded:

oh Jimmy DID die on that tour. TWICE!!! and had to be revived.

jonathan too. They just couldn’t revive him the last time.

Tilman Müller commented:

Then there should have been more dates in between for rehab.

D’arcy responded:

jimmy went to rehab at LEAST 4 times

Atrosion Band commented:

More hate. Harmful to people that are SP fans.

D’arcy responded:

You might think that i don’t care but i really actually do.

I don’t know if you understand. It’s hard to when the reason Billy is so pissed off at me is only because i told the truth my way when i needed to do it.

so you can’t exactly expect the truth from him since he is in such a rage that i’ve spoken some of it.

So yes. He won’t give ‘his side’ of the story until it’s just too late. i expect that someday he is REALLY going to regret this horribly, he always does and he comes clean, but there’s nothing i or anyone else can do or say to make him see it right now. In fact people trying to convince him right now will only strengthen his anger and resolve to see this thru his way.

It sucks being right nearly all the time.

It’s very hard to understand why he is throwing everything away forever m.

John Scott commented:

I think my reply disappeared, so I’ll post it again. D’arcy, I apologize for my comment last month regarding your shoulder. I was ignorant of the facts and frustrated about the situation between you and Billy. I believe you, and I feel just terrible for questioning you on this. I truly think you are the heart and soul of the band – and have always spoke the truth – so I shouldn’t have questioned your integrity. Please accept my apology.

D’arcy responded:


Billy does himself no favors by telling the public repeatedly that i was the moral compass of the band and i walk my talk- and now i do something that pisses him off and he starts calling me a liar?

it doesn’t add up.

That’s why he’s mostly kept his mouth shut lately.

He may be crazy, but he’s definitely not stupid.

Evan Jones II commented:

D’Arcy, may I ask, what musical legacy would you, as a member of the Smashing Pumpkins, would like to be held in the public light?

D’arcy responded:

That’s a VERY DEEP question and not one i would take lightly.

I i had to answer right now i’d say that i honestly haven’t decided.

I don’t know if i’ll play for anyone but me again or not.

And i never really identified myself seriously with fame.

I don’t need it and very freqtdon’t want it.

I’m a musician.

Not a performer.

I’ll think about it tho.

  • DanSwon

    I find her very reasonable and honest. And yes there seems to be a total
    double-standard with people calling her a drug addict when Jimmy
    Chamberlin was clearly the biggest drug fiend.
    Jimmy, James, and Billy should all feel ashamed for the way they’ve treated D’Arcy, though I still think she’s better off out of it. Just a shame she had to lose James as a friend.

    • Evelyn Lentini

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    • John Scott

      Amen. Billy can talk about how he’s found peace and God and all that, but he still stabs people in the back? That’s the type of hypocrisy that drives me nuts.

      • DanSwon

        He’s a delusional vindictive megalomaniac. I knew someone just like that. They never change, just get a bit more cunning about how they do things.

  • Olga Stewart

    This is just a rotten situation all around.

    And I am sad that things have progressed to this point.

    I’d like to hope that things could be worked out. But given what has happened, perhaps it’s best left alone.

    • John Scott

      I’m still holding out hope. Maybe not this tour – but maybe someday.

  • Solomon Sanchez

    Please, quit giving her a platform to spew this garbage. An addict always deflects to other addicts when their habbits come to light. Jimmy has been clean for a while. The were cautious about bringing her back, because bringing someone back who is clearly not well has the potential to spread their disease(addiction) to others. Her contribution was minimal, at best. If she was a true musician, then she wouldn’t have let her career end twenty years ago.

    • John Scott

      I’d be careful making accusations that you can’t back up. Remember that this is a real person we’re talking about – so be cool. And to say that D’arcy didn’t contribute just isn’t fair. Did you even see them on tour? She was amazing on the Adore tour, and it seemed like she was the only one performing at a high level when I saw them.

      • Atrosion Band

        Seen the 15 times including Adore… The last rock tour with Manson was by far the best musically, followed by Oceania, followed by In Plainsong, followed by Zeitgeist. So Kenny Arnoff wasn’t performing at a high level? Be careful these are real people you are talking about. Ha!

        • John Scott

          I’m a Jimmy fan, so I’m probably not going to be impartial when discussing drummers – I’ll admit that. But I guess my original point was that she was hitting her notes (unlike Billy who actually made me cringe at times when I saw them) and certainly doing nothing to embarrass the band.

          • Atrosion Band

            Mike Byrne is better.

          • Corndog

            No. He’s younger. It’s not the same thing:)

          • Atrosion Band

            Since when? 😉

          • Corndog

            I’ve just hit 40. I have to keep telling myself that:)

    • Keith Taft

      why do you call it garbage when she actually was there – do you have anecdotal evidence jimmy didn’t die twice ?

      • Solomon Sanchez

        Its garbage because I got over my teenage crushes, had my own demons to beat, and know that people can change. I’m sure Jimmy overdosed more than twice, but he always got back behind the kit and made an attempt to clean himself up. He never blamed others in public for his misfortune. That’s what amounts to class in the real world. So yeah, spewing vitriol about not being included when the offer was made is garbage.

        • Keith Taft

          congratulations !

          so why throw vitriol at her ?

          if jimmy died twice that’s news – it’s relevant and pertains to her own victory of sobriety relative to the history of the group

          throughout this media maelstrom it’s been d’arcy giving us a behind the scenes look at the truth of a major rock band’s secretive closed door world

          when did you lose your teenage crush on honesty ?

  • Jommy Five

    I think how Jimmy and D’arcy are perceived and spoken about is a result of how their situations have played out in the public eye. Jimmy’s struggle with substance abuse was/is much more public, but so has his recovery from it and music career since recovery. D’arcy’s struggles have been less publicized outside of a few comments that originated from Billy, as has her recovery and musical ability since being away from the band.

    I don’t think that’s a double standard, it’s a result of D’arcy wanting to maintain a more private life, which invites people to speculate and fill in the blanks themselves. I’m not saying that’s right, but it’s human nature.

    (For the record, I do not like the way D’arcy has been painted in all of this.)

  • Atrosion Band

    I love how my comment not related to any of this (7 days before she mentioned “JC’s OD’s”) is in the article as if I find it hateful to speak of other people’s drug problems and followed by something also unrelated she wrote 7 days later. I now feel as BC must… “Please don’t stop, It’s lonely at the top.”
    -Lord of the Lies

  • NahNood

    High-larious. Maybe he “died twice” but didn’t he get allowed back in the group sober and clean, right after she got kicked out? Oh yeh, she left to pursue acting. Which apparently she does very well.

  • Atrosion Band

    I would like to bring up the missing Pumpkin, Jeff Schroeder. Been killing it since 2007. D’arcy said “Billy hired a James look-a-like” for the “Being Beige” video… in 2015. For 11 years he’s been spot on. If Billy were to fire him for being a dickhead and he went public saying BC was the real dickhead would we all the sudden know Jeff’s name and reflect on his contributions?