Kurt Cobain’s Girlfriend Alleges Courtney Love Assault: ‘I Pissed My Pants’


In a new How The Hell Did That Happen? with Mary Lou Lord and Maryanne Window podcast, Lord discussed her late ex-boyfriend, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. Here, Lord alleges that Courtney Love attacked her at a Hole ‘Live Through This’ signing in 1994. Alternative Nation reporter Mike Mazzarone transcribed her comments.

Lord: So I was sitting there and I saw Courtney [Love] over there, signing something, talking to some young Asian women. She looked over and saw me, she had a pad of paper and a pen and she dropped everything. I saw her mouth go ‘Mary Lou Lord…’

Window: Uh-oh.

Lord: She dropped everything, ran over towards me and I stood up like ‘holy shit’ because I had been sitting at this little table, she pushed me down and my back went into these stairs…

Window: Oh my God so there was like, a physical assault?

Lord: Oh yeah, she pushed me and like I said this little staircase was right behind me and my back, the stairs went into my back. Then, out of nowhere this big sumo wrestler guy decked Courtney and grabbed her. She’s screaming ‘let me go! I’m fucking Courtney Love, it’s my show!

Window: Oh God, so this security person just saw this woman assault you and thought oh my God!

Lord: Yeah, yeah, so he held her back and I’m like ‘holy fucking shit’ so I just bolted, right? I don’t know my way out, I’ve never been in this building before so I’m just hitting every door that said EXIT, I hit that one, I hit that one, and then I hit one and it was the fucking fire escape, right? On the side of the building.

Window: I know that one.

Lord: I’m on the top, right? It’s pretty tall, not too tall but pretty tall and I’m running down this fucking fire escape…

Window: It’s about twenty feet or something.

Lord: It’s a fire escape, so I’m running down the fire escape and I bolt into the yard and it’s this fenced in yard where the limousines go. There is this guy at the fence with a headset on. I was about to run out of the gate, he grabbed me and was like ‘what’s going on, what’s going on, what did you steal?’ and I’m like ‘I didn’t steal anything, Courtney’s coming, Courtney’s coming!’. He wouldn’t let me go and he had me like, by the shoulder, just my shirt and everything. So I wiggled, I wrestled my way out of everything and when I did my hat came off, my bra and shirt came off, everything came off. So here I am fucking topless.

I’m running down the middle because I thought if I ran in the middle of the street maybe a car will pull over or something. I’m running down the middle of Sunset Boulevard with no shirt. I’m so nervous that I pissed my pants. I looked behind me and here she comes! So she’s screaming, she had made her way down the fire escape and made her way past the guy with the headset and is screaming ‘I’m going to fucking kill you!’. I’m running down Sunset Boulevard with no shirt, here she comes running with no shoes and wearing this powder blue slipdress that she hikes up so she can run faster.

When she did the spaghetti strap parts fell down so when she did she’s basically running down Sunset Boulevard with a blue thing down her middle. Tits flying and here I am with no shirt and she’s going ‘I’m going to fucking kill you!’ So Tim Riley who was with me, he got by the guy and picked up my shirt and stuff. He flew by Courtney and caught up with me, grabbed my hand and we ran in back of a Denny’s.