Steven Tyler Threat To ‘Ruin’ Aerosmith Revealed


Steven Tyler acclaimed Aerosmith frontman recently gave a feature to Haute Living about his sobriety and being honored at Musicares next year. In addition, Tyler talked about the hit records he created along with the rest of Aerosmith and how if he told the ‘truth’ about certain things it would ‘ruin the ride’ for a lot of fans. Steven Tyler ‘forced’ into rehab by this Aerosmith member.

Steven Tyler reveals drug ‘worse’ than heroin. Tyler wrote:  “I want to live somewhere between the songs and what they do to people and the truth. I feel that if I told the truth about a lot of things, it would ruin the ride for people. They are very interesting stories, but I had found and come to the conclusion that I’d rather have them hear the song and love the song.” That is until today. “We don’t want to fight. If anything, we want to be riding on a surfboard a mile out on a huge wave of songs, a career of songs all the way into the beach,” he maintains. “That’s what we do it for. Each sequence of albums was that. And when I look back, I go ‘19 albums in over WTF [what the ****]… we’ll never know ’cause we never really told the truth about what we went through,’ which is one of those stories. Do you want to go into it?”

In other news revolving Aerosmith and Steven Tyler fans recently took to the band’s Facebook page to react to the announcement of a slew of European tour dates.

Steffi wrote: “I would give almost anything to go to a show, #1 on my bucket list! I’ve been waiting patiently, (for 3 years now), for the Bad Boys to tour the US. I just hope I can afford tickets when they finally come… Not everyone can afford $1,000 just for nosebleed seats. Maybe if I can sell a kidney… I know Aerosmith is the Greatest Band of All Time, but I wish they’d do some shows for the fans who aren’t millionaires.”

Whereas Rob said: “£148 for a seating ticket is too much for watching one band. If it was an all-day event with lots of bands, fair enough, but I cannot warrant spending this much on one band. I love Aerosmith and have seen them a few times back in the ’90s when tickets were £20-£30, however, there’s a limit I’m willing to pay even if they are my favorite band. Already lined up to see Alter Bridge and Queen at 02 for half the cost.” Steven Tyler’s ‘open relationship’ with big-name revealed.