Kurt Cobain Sings Stone Temple Pilots “Creep” In AI Video


The rise of AI technology has been doing tons for the world. Even still, not everyone is happy with how AI is being used and how it could possibly harm the legacy of many acts and musicians.

Kurt Cobain has been a main focus for AI recently. Cobain’s vocal tone has been turned into renditions of many songs in the past few weeks. Some songs have been Alice In Chains songs and others have been Soundgarden as well as Stone Temple Pilots.

In a recent upload, Cobain’s vocals can be hears in ‘Creep’ by Stone Temple Pilots as well as ‘Creep’ by Radiohead. Taking a listen to the track, it’s tough to gauge how to feel about it. It sounds different and cool, but at the same time, it really boggles your mind at just how a dead man’s vocal chords can come back to life all within one click. Is this good or bad for music? I think it’s pretty neutral.

I don’t think AI is going to be killing music. I feel that it’s more-so a fun idea that gets clicks. I don’t feel it’s going to be huge in terms of a new Nirvana album coming out next week which will solely feature computer generated vocals from Kurt Cobain himself. If that does happen, then I think we have bigger concerns to worry about still other than what people choose to do.

I digress. Listening to the track, you can hear how much influence Kurt Cobain truly had on that era of music. With Cobain’s vocals plugged into the track, it just fits too well. I think more-so this is exposing that era. So often, many say that all music in this era (the 2010’s) all sounds the same. Realistically, it sounds like all music from the 90s shared the same influence as well. Maybe AI is a wakeup call to our own complaining.