Kurt Cobain ‘Spit’ On Fans In Front of 90’s Legend


In a new The Ringer article, The Meat Puppets’ Cris Kirkwood described Kurt Cobain spitting on fans.

Cris Kirkwood: They were all registered under fake names and all that. It was kept on the down low, just because of that element of celebrity where you can hardly leave your fucking hotel. Like the Beatles experience or something. They were kind of at that point. Kurt in particular was just, like, the guy at that point in such an intense way. There were some kids that figured out that they were there. And they were waiting for us when we came out in the lobby. And probably a half-dozen kids and they were like, “Give us your autograph!”

They wanted some interaction. And we all just kind of kept going. And when they didn’t get what they wanted, they turned on those guys. “Well fuck you guys!” … I remember being like, “God, that was quick.” It went from “We love you, we love you,” to “Fuck you.” Someone suggested, “Spit on ’em!” So Kurt rolled down the window and loogied on them. That’s the pressure they were under.

Amy Finnerty: Because of the immediacy of their fame and success, it put them in a self-inflicted but uncomfortable position, in that they were suddenly a much bigger band than their predecessors. They were a much bigger band than the bands they had put up on a pedestal.

Cris Kirkwood: The scene wasn’t necessarily anti-celebrity, but to have it thrust upon you to that degree …