Kurt Cobain’s Bridge 30 Years Later In Photo


A picture of Kurt Cobain’s Bridge emerged on social media and it’s the bridge next to his memorial park in Aberdeen and allegedly the one he’s singing about in Something in the Way, that he supposedly slept under when he was broke. The photo was taken on the 30-year anniversary. Nikonos V – Kodak Portra 160.

Kurt’s Bridge

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It has been noted that legendary band Nirvana tone obsessive Aaron Rash has spent the last few years dropping down the rabbit hole of Kurt Cobain’s feral In Utero electric guitar sound. Well, now, he’s produced a tenaciously put-together pack of Impulse Responses that lets guitarists harness the iconic In Utero tone “without touching a single physical amp”.

Nirvana’s Nevermind follow-up (which Steve Albini offered to produce for free, so long as they beat him at a game of pool) was released in 1993 to great acclaim. It saw Kurt Cobain take his guitar tones in a wiry new direction, a sound Rash has been determined to recreate.

The Utero Sessions IR Pack follows years of investment into research and gear-chasing to nail the record’s distinctive sound. But, at times he felt it was a fruitless endeavor.

“I have bought and sold probably seven different [Fender] Quad Reverbs to find the perfect sounding one, because – news flash – they don’t all sound the same, even with the same speakers,” he says of the process. “They really vary all over the place.”