Lars Ulrich Parties With Chris Rock In Boat Photos


Famous actor, Woody Harrelson took a jump into the cool water of Croatia while enjoying a morning swim with pals Chris Rock, Sacha Baron Cohen and Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich.

On Sunday, the 60-year-old actor was spotted performing a backflip off a luxury yacht while the 57-year-old comedian and the 50-year-old Borat star looked on.

Chris Rock, whose relationship with new girlfriend Lake Bell was recently confirmed when they were seen together in Trogir, Croatia, flashed a wide smile as Woody prepared for his jump into the Adriatic Sea.

Woody would be wearing a pair of floral swim trunks for his dip in the ocean and later changed into a navy blue tie-dye polo shirt with matching shorts and a baseball cap for an excursion to shore.

Sasha Baron Cohen had on a slate blue t-shirt with pink shorts and a brown fedora. He later removed his shirt as he boarded a dinghy along with Woody, his wife Laura Louie and several other pals.

After jumping into the water, the Emmy Award winner was seen swimming alongside Sacha. Lars Ulrich also was also seen joining his friends in the water as he swam next to a jet ski. Woody, Laura and several of their other pals were later seen taking a dinghy over to Split.

While aboard the dingy, Woody waved to friends who remained on the yacht and raised his fist into the air.

Laura, who wore a charcoal gray zip-up jacket over a gray button-up blouse with olive green tie-dye shorts, beamed as the boat cruised through the waves. The pair, who have been married since 2008, share three daughters Deni, 29, Zoe, 25, and Makani, 16.

Once the dinghy was docked, the group were seen disembarking while members of the yacht crew tended to the dingy.

The star studded bash was not over just yet as Matthew McConaughey joined Woody and his friends on the yacht on Friday. The group were also joined on their vacation in Croatia by French photographer Jean-René, whose full identity is unconfirmed though he uses his an abbreviation of his initials JR for his professional work.

While it is no surprise that A-list stars of a feather flock together, Woody would say in 2018 to Ellen Degeneres: “I take a “friendship tour” pretty much every year.” Woody has an annual tradition of taking vacations with his close-knit group of A-List pals.

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