Layne Staley’s Dad Reacts To William DuVall Replacing Son In Alice In Chains


Phil Staley, the father of late Alice In Chains singer Layne Staley, gave a rare interview with KOMO at AIC’s pop up store and museum in Seattle. He discussed William DuVall replacing his son Layne for the first time. Susan Silver, Alice In Chains’ longtime manager and Chris Cornell’s ex-wife, introduced Phil to the interviewer. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

When asked about the museum and store, Phil said, “It means the world to me, I’m totally impressed by what Susan has done, her whole crew and everything. I’m proud of Layne, I’m proud of the group, I’m proud of their staying ability. They’re still there, they’re still touring, they’re still making records, they’re all clean, they’re all sober, they all look good. I couldn’t be prouder.

The interviewer mentioned William DuVall doing a great job in Alice In Chains. Phil agreed, saying they’re big shoes to fill.

“Yes, terrific job. Big shoes, big shoes.”

He also said, “I’m pretty biased, as far as I’m concerned there isn’t anybody that’s going to match him, but the group has done a wonderful job. William has done a wonderful job, and like I say, I couldn’t be prouder that the group is still carrying on. I love all those guys, love them. I still run texts with Jerry and Sean on the road, so we’ve been close, we are family. Always been in touch with her, my girl Susan.”

When he was asked how fathers should deal with their children telling them they want to be rock stars, he had a funny answer.

“Go for it, because I want to be a groupie.”