Eddie Vedder Confirms Why He Left Temple of the Dog


Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder revealed why he had to leave Seattle and miss Temple of the Dog’s first concert in a new Green Light podcast interview. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments. Pearl Jam also claimed ‘Russian bots’ troll them in the same interview.

“If I could be a certain athlete at a certain time, I would be Randy Johnson so I could go to the first ever live Temple of the Dog show, because I wasn’t there. After we did some recording, I went back to work my job at security, so I needed to put in a couple more weeks before I went back up. So I missed that one, but not only would you Randy Johnson [at the Off Ramp]. Also if you were Randy Johnson, your view would be unobstructed.”

He added, “I think that’s why he had the long hair in the back, so he didn’t have to see people.”

Vedder then detailed working at a hotel and transitioning into managing at a security team at a new job.

“I parlayed that midnight shift experience into the midnight shift at the petroleum company. I supervised the whole security team, I worked my way up.”

“The real thing about that job is you could work a couple hours when you got there, and a couple hours before you left. So 4 hours in between, you could kind of do stuff that you liked to do, whether read a book, bring your 4-track, do a little recording, program a drum machine.

You had 4 hours of getting paid, where you got to do something you like to do. A petroleum company was a pretty lonely place, and that’s just how I like it.” Billy Corgan recently revealed if he likes Eddie Vedder.