Layne Staley’s Haunting Wedding That Never Was Will Break Your Heart


The 20th anniversary of the death of late Alice In Chains frontman Layne Staley’s girlfriend Demri Parrott was over the weekend. Alice In Chains: The Untold Story author David de Sola shared some information with Alternative Nation about the wedding that never came to be between Staley and Parrott, and how the planned site of the wedding eventually was where a much sadder event took place.

“People who knew both of them well generally agree (and told me) that Layne never got over Demri’s death. He was already pretty reclusive in 1996, but after her death, there were only three recordings that I know of (Despiseley Brothers, 2 AIC songs, and a Pink Floyd cover for a movie soundtrack). He was supposed to record guest vocals for a song by Taproot, but his body was found shortly before a recording session was set to take place.

The last time Kathleen Austin – Demri’s mother – saw Layne was in 1997. He wanted a teddy bear that Demri had had with her in hospital. Austin got that bear back after it was found in Layne’s things after his death. She also has Demri’s engagement ring that Layne gave her. The engagement was called off, but she did pick out a dress. They had chosen Kiana Lodge on Bainbridge Island as the wedding venue, that’s why the private invitation-only memorial service for Layne’s family and close friends was held there in 2002.

Mike Starr said he was going to be best man at Layne and Demri’s wedding. Neither Demri’s mother nor Layne’s stepfather have been able to confirm that. Thinking about both of them yesterday and today, and what might have been. RIP Layne and Demri.”

Demri Parrott died on October 29, 1996.  Layne Staley died on April 5, 2002.





  • Teamwagner

    Sad is an understatement… She was a Beautiful women and he was a beautiful man. As a kid I hated her because he loved her and I was the young girl In love with a rockstar… Of course none of those feeling were real… but I truly am still in love with Layne’s voice and music , even named my Son Layne out of respect for a musical legend ..His voice literally gives me chills, you can feel his music when you close your eyes. There are not many people as passionate about anything in this world let alone music. You can hear the pain in his lyrics, I can tell you from experience of loosing my sister to drug addiction no matter what you say or do you can not force recovery on someone but please continue OVER AND OVER to show them the option of recovery … And don’t ever let them bully you out of their life it is so hard when its happening to know what the right decision is but don’t ever give up on trying to help them see because they are blinded by the drugs …I don’t believe he ever got over her loss but I believe it was easier to become lost himself…Its hard because I have resentment after loosing my sister and all I did to try and make a difference in her life , how close we were had always been, Why …

  • Jeanandavathesecond

    You people need to read the David de Sola book about alice. it’s really good. Stop the endless tales of people who think they know the truth.

    • Ari

      Why? They’re not hurting you, why don’t you stay off the comment section if it bothers you that bad a hole.

      • Jeanandavathesecond

        Because people don’t know the basic facts, dummy.