Gene Simmons Daughter Shows Off Abs In Tight Shirt


KISS icon Gene Simmons’ daughter Sophie Simmons is looking nice and toned! Simmons begs for help in this sad photo. The budding songstress took to social media via Instagram to show this radiant photo of her in this tight cream colored top. The photo can be seen below:

Gene Simmons savagely called out this KISS ‘Fraud’ recently. In other news regarding KISS, the lead admin over at the KISS fan forum, KISSFaq posted their review of the book “Take It Off: KISS Truly Unmasked.”

If you publish a book dedicated to the non-makeup version(s) of KISS you’re automatically in an exclusive group, and not necessarily resident in an asylum… Greg Prato was a broad history of providing insightful explorations of popular musical acts (Soundgarden) and less mainstream but highly respected bands (Kings X). He has dozens of titles in print, but his name in the KISS gravity well may rightfully be best associated with his 2011 “Eric Carr Story” that paid homage to the late great drummer through a series of interviews by those intimately associated with him. Eight years later, Greg’s back, and like Bruce Kulick does with music, he continues to keep the spirit of unmasked KISS album with “Take it Off: KISS Truly Unmasked” due November 19 via Jawbone Press.

The first thing one notes with the 304-page paperback is the beautiful design. In 8.5×6″ format it has a soft matte finish that compliments the graphic elements and layout (kudos to Paul Palmer-Edwards for the design). At over a pound, it feels comfortable in the hand for several days of exploration. The foreword by Chris Jericho serves as a reminder that not everybody discovered KISS in the 1970s. For some of us of the MTV generation, who weren’t into music when we were 3, it was the various music video playing channel/shows that introduced us to many a band. Chris’ entry point was “Animalize,” and his writing includes that mantra many of us have uttered: “The next day, I went to the store and bought my first KISS album” starting a lifelong obsession with KISS. Testify brutha!

The structure of the book is pleasing. Each album contains a brief album overview listing that album’s release details, charts, credits, and singles issued. The album overviews are concise, cutting any unnecessary tangential bloat. While generally factual a touch of critique by the author seeps through making it clear that this exploration isn’t biased but objective. Some may object to Eddie Trunk being interviewed for the book, yet as an industry personality who has for years carried the torch for hard rock and heavy metal, his insight and opinions are welcomed. He sets the stage as a fan in 1983 as the makeup came off. Other industry personality opinions are presented from Keith Roth, host of Ozzy’s Boneyard and Hair Nation on Sirius Radio, and Lonn Friend.

Each album section is complimented by a “The Tour” section written by Curt Gooch of “KISS Alive Forever” fame (along with co-author Jeff Suhs). Curt’s tour overviews are chock full of facts but are also very concise and pleasantly constructed — I’d call them value added content. Greg then approaches various topics surrounding the band in the 1980’s, such as “KISS Unmask on MTV,” “Gene’s Acting Career in the 80s,” “Eric Carr Remembered,” and more. With interview excerpts from numerous personalities such a Joe Elliott, Mark Weiss, Nina Blackwood, Alan Hunter and generally anyone who had some insight to offer on the topic. They’re quick and refreshing, and in many cases entertaining. Full length interviews include song co-writer Mitch Weissman, Steve Farris (session guitar on “Creatures”), Ron Keel, Jean Beauvoir, Brent Fitz, KK Downing, Ron Nevison, Charlie Benante, Bruce Kulick, Richie Ranno (KISS Conventions), Paul Rachman, Derek Sherinian, and others. The book concludes with an afterword by Andreas Carlsson.

For fans of KISS in the 1980’s, Greg Prato’s “Take It Off” raises the fist in celebration of long neglected and oft overlooked music and the stories that surround it. Buttressed by interviews with those who lived the era, the book reminds of all that remained great with the band once the makeup came off. The book is well written and structured in a manner that essentially means you can open up at any page and dig in from there. The 16-pages of glossy photos are an added bonus! A worthy addition to any KISS fan’s library.

Preorder the book HERE and check out the available samples. Simmons was held by his daughter after a recent health scare in this new photo.