Led Zeppelin & AC/DC Icons Embrace After Tragedy In Sad Photo


Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant and AC/DC singer Brian Johnson were photographed embracing after they filmed a rare television special just a few months after the death of Malcolm Young for Johnson’s ‘Life on the Road’ television series.

The photo was taking when they met to begin filming, and it was likely the first time they saw each other after the tragedy.

Plant discussed the Penmaenpool Bridge, which spans the Mawddach river between Dolgellau and Barmouth.

“From an early age my mum and dad brought me here. At school I was really interested in the different culture between the original tribes and those coming in from Europe.

They just pushed all the Celts and original Celtic tribes back into these hills and so when I was at school I was intrigued by the difference between the two cultures, the history, the whole idea of mythology, stuff like that.”

Plant also said about the Mawddach river, “Look at this here, it’s empty. Plenty of room for everybody. We’ve both lived in places where there’s no change in the seasons. You get the sun tan lotion out and that’s it. But in this place, you really know where you are in the whole cycle of life really.”

Johnson told Plant, “Driving in, you know, from England and all, through these beautiful roads and the little villages and I’m wondering to myself ‘Why have I not come here before?'”