Steven Tyler Daughter Bends Over In Black Lingerie Photo


Aerosmith frontman’s Steven Tyler‘s daughter, the unrivaled and sexy Liv Tyler looks tempting and flirtatious in this new tantalizing photoshoot where she is modeling for Triumph Essence Lingerie. Liv looks luscious this black lingerie photograph that you can view below! Steven Tyler ‘ruins’ Joe Perry guitar solo in video.

In other news regarding Liv’s rockin’ dad Steven Tyler, fans recently took to the official Facebook page of the band to sound off on the Joey Kramer/Aerosmith lawsuit. Patti wrote: “I for one am not listening to you anymore because of what you did and are doing to Joey Kramer. He was there when all of you went through your rehab and had to be carried off the stage due to too many drugs to perform (that’s right Steven Tyler), Joe Perry’s time off and when he needs time off and you won’t let him play when he comes back from an injury? F**k you guys. Not fair!Howard Stern unloads on Steven Tyler ‘losing voice’.

While Kimberly stated: Aerosmith did nothing wrong. Joey was supposed to go to rehab. He didn’t finish his time at the rehab, he left early. They had a contract long ago that stipulates this. Joey took it to court, the judge said no to him going back to the band. He will receive royalties from the Grammys and Musicares. Maybe you should know the facts before attacking the band.” To which Tara replied: “This drama is about to kill me! Aerosmith has weathered storms before and came out kicking ass as a band! I hope this can be worked out for Joey and the rest of the band. This has shown me just how loyal us fans are. We want our band!  A gross Steven Tyler ‘date’ photo was recently revealed.