Led Zeppelin Guitarist Drops 2022 Album Bombshell


Don’t get too ‘dazed and confused’ – Jimmy Page just revealed during a new interview with Classic Rock Magazine that he is “working on various paths and routes of projects”. The Led Zeppelin co-founder put out a few solo efforts in the past but it has been quite a while since the last one, Walking into Clarksdale which came out in the year 2000. Fans of Page should be quite pleased to know that there is at least a small chance that a new album will be in the works after all these years.

During the interview, Page, who humiliated this big name, would talk about how he occupies his time over the years: “Archiving, working on various paths and routes of projects, but I’m not going to say what the projects are. There are various things I’m working towards. It’s not just one thing, it’s multiple things, and I don’t want to even give a hint, because if you do … You give a one-sentence sound bite, and then if it doesn’t materialize it’s like: ‘Why didn’t you do a solo album?’ So I don’t want to say what it is that I’ve got planned, because I don’t want to give people the chance to misinterpret it.”

He would also go on to continue: “Well, I really can’t put on record what the new record is,” Page said. “I’ll leave it to your imagination. The thing is there are so many ways I could present myself right now. Actually, not right now. I’ll rephrase that: within a space of time [laughs]. I’ve come across all these various projects I did. And one of the things I did recently is listen to a recording I made of the Marrakesh folk festival, with the tribes coming in from all over Morocco, in 1975. It’s fascinating. Tribal stuff is passed on from father to son and kept alive because of the folk festivals, Essaouira, and all the rest. Where there are people who want to hear the Berbers. I certainly do, it’s good for the soul.”