Led Zeppelin Icon Admits To Faking Major Performance


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page admitted to The Yardbirds ‘miming’ a performance in 1966 in a new social media post.

“In 1966, I appeared with The Yardbirds on the Milton Berle Show to promote ‘Happenings Ten Years Time Ago’, this is a rare appearance of me and Jeff playing guitars together.

At the time I was impressed that whoever was in charge of proceedings on behalf of the recording had mashed in some psychedelic washes within the performance, which was a good observation, and a cool move. Unfortunately my research on YouTube has only yielded a black and white version. Nevertheless, it was good to see the band at that stage although it was a mimed performance.”

He also posted, “On this day in 1995, I played the LA Forum with Robert Plant.
This is the first Page & Plant date of two at the Forum in LA on the ‘Spring in North America’ leg of the World Tour 1995. Augmented by the LA Philharmonic, we were set to introduce the audience to an array of musical colours that they had not previously experienced, with classically trained musicians providing an acoustic pad for our Egyptian string players to fly with exotic melody.
Did you see Page & Plant on the ‘95 tour? Leave your memories in the comments below 🎸”