Guns N’ Roses Finally Break Silence On Reunion Snubs


Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan was interviewed on Marc Maron’s podcast recently. On the show, Duff explained Guns N’ Roses members Steven Adler and Izzy Stradlin weren’t part of the reunion tour on a full time basis. Matt Sorum also wasn’t present. Alternative Nation transcribed Duff and Maron’s comments. 

Duff: It was amazing that we were back together.

Maron: Yeah.

Duff: There was this sense of ease in my life because we had talked things out.

Maron: You had, all of you?

Duff: Yeah and that was really important than anything else. 

Maron: Who was on it, was Gilby [Clarke] on it? He was on the guitar.

Duff: No it was Slash and Axl [Rose]. So it was the three of us who ended the thing. Izzy [Stradlin] had left back in 1991, Steven [Adler] had left before that and so the last year and a half, two years of the Illusions tour in the nineties – it was just the three of us. So, we ended it like that and we got back together like that. My point to all of that is, there was a lot of, kind of, dirty water that was now under the bridge. The end and the new beginning and we addressed those things as grown-up motherfuckers. 

Maron: And it worked?

Duff: And it worked, also the point of that is, I was sort of at this intellectual, psychic-ese coinciding with this and our band’s back together. We are playing amazingly, huge shows.