Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page Showing Up At Pearl Jam Show Is Incredible


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page dined with Soundgarden and Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron for Father’s Day. Cameron wrote on Instagram, “Rock Dads Lunch. Happy Fathers Day! #rockdads.” The legendary musicians were joined by Ross Halfin and Jesse Calleros.

Vicky Cornell commented, “Sending so much love – happy Father’s Day to a few of the coolest dads we know #jimmypage @themattcameron @rosshalfin and super happy to see #jessecalleros – #loudlove.”

Page showed up to Pearl Jam’s show in London at the O2 Arena the next day. Led Zeppelin’s 2007 reunion show took place at the O2. Mike McCready shared a photo backstage with Page, “Always an honor to have a moment with one of my idols and greatest influences, @JimmyPage.”

In 2014, Matt Cameron’s late Soundgarden bandmate Chris Cornell did a live Q&A with Jimmy Page.

Rolling Stone reported at the time that Cornell didn’t hit Page with heavy-duty questions about band discord or plagiarism – or anything, really. A typical query was “You’re a multifaceted artist – where did that come from?” But the worshipful vibe facilitated a relaxed atmosphere: The 70-year-old Page, looking dapper with gray hair, a black scarf and a leather jacket, proved to be a charming raconteur, not addled by any of his past misadventures. If he didn’t have any new revelations, he at least kept the enthusiastic audience entertained for over an hour and a half.

Looking at a famous photo of Zeppelin on an airport runway, adorned with Hawaiian leis and clutching the boxes that held the tapes for an in-progress Led Zeppelin II, Cornell remarked, “Of all the records I’ve ever made, I don’t think I’ve ever held a tape box.” Page talked about how the photo was partially staged, but that the band was indeed schlepping around their own tapes as they did sessions at various American studios, which let them record as they toured and kept the music out of the hands of record executives. It was an extension of how they handled their debut: “The record was recorded, and then it was taken to the record company. That’s why we were able to say ‘no singles.'” The Led Zeppelin aversion to singles was born from Page’s time in the Yardbirds, when the band would regularly would get derailed by needing to produce their contractually obligated non-album singles.

Soundgarden were photographed with Jimmy Page backstage at a European show 6 years ago.

Below are photos of Cameron and McCready with Page, followed by an album of photos from the London Pearl Jam show, with the fourth one being a shot of Page watching the performance.