Led Zeppelin Make Bizarre Michael Jackson Revelation


Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page revealed in a recent Instagram post that a Michael Jackson jacket was featured in a 1995 American Music Award performance he did with Jimmy Page.

“On this day in 1995, I received an American Music Award with Robert Plant.

Page and Plant were to receive an American Music Award and, as we couldn’t attend, it required a video insert that was recorded in London at the Depot Sound rehearsal studios in North London. We performed a quirky version of ‘Black Dog’, featuring: didgeridoos; Porl Thompson in Indian pyjamas; a Michael Jackson jacket; and me on whammy pedal. Not a bad balance on this one.”

Jimmy Page was also recently interviewed by the Associated Press.

AP: How frustrating are the Led Zeppelin reunion questions? You weren’t completely happy with Live Aid or the 40th anniversary concert for Atlantic Records in 1988. What about the 2007 concert in London?

Page: I’m rather pleased that we did it, because we sort of looked still similar to what we looked now, and, yeah, we did a really good job. But I don’t think there’s going to be another one.

AP: Let’s talk about your earliest recollection with the guitar.

Page: I was taking my guitar to school so that I could play at recess because I became so involved with it, we became inseparable. I had to do my academic studies, that was the deal I had with my dad. And the rest of the time I could play guitar. So, I took that one step further: I would take that to school and play at recess.

AP: Your guitar work for Led Zeppelin was far ahead of the curve…

Page: I’d like to think that it was, because the first album, I sort of knew, as we were doing the tracks, exactly how I was going to layer everything and the textures of them…. There’s a variety of moods on ‘Led Zeppelin I.’ So, again, it was me challenging and pushing as far as I possibly could, not even thinking of my limitations, just going beyond, beyond, beyond.