Ozzy Osbourne Shameful Marriage Rumor Stuns Daughter


Kelly Osborne, the daughter of legendary Ozzy Osbourne has praised her parents’ marriage. It comes after a TV reporter allegedly criticized Sharon and Ozzy’s 40 years together. In a strongly worded message shared on social media, which was echoed by Sharon, Kelly said she was “hurt” by the comments about the pair’s marriage, and called the reporter “shady”.

Kelly Osbourne shots back at the reporter

“Sorry but I just had to say something,” Kelly wrote. “My father and I watch KTLA News every morning together. To say that I am blown away by your comments on my parents marital status is an understatement.”

Kelly continued: “As you reported, he is about to undergo a life changing surgery on his back that will determine the rest of his life,” she continued.

“The fact that everyone could not just wish him their best and instead made such cutting comments is shameful. Is it hard for you to just be nice? My weather report is that you are shady.”

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Well, it is not clear what comments the reporter made, as KTLA have not yet made their Friday or Saturday episodes available for streaming. Sharon confirmed on 8 June that Ozzy would be having surgery in Los Angeles.

Just seven years after they exchanged vows, their relationship hit the headlines after Ozzy reportedly attempted to strangle Sharon in an alcohol-fuelled attack. Sharon chose not to press charges and her husband spent three months in rehab.

On their 35-year anniversary in 2017, Sharon shared a throwback wedding snap and wrote: “Thank you Ozzy for 35 crazy & wonderful years. Here’s to the next chapter of our lives. Love you more today than yesterday. Always remember: You carry my heart in yours, and it’s getting older and needs protecting. Happy Anniversary.”

Sharon’s comment about protecting her heart was potentially alluding to Ozzy’s infidelity with a hairstylist, which caused them to temporarily split in 2016 before the love for each other resurrected months later.