Led Zeppelin Reveal Why Robert Plant Rejected Reunion


Sammy Hagar and the Circle were interviewed on The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday, and Jason Bonham revealed why Robert Plant really rejected a Led Zeppelin reunion tour a decade ago.

MarksFriggin.com recapped: Sammy said that every drummer have come and drummed with him. He said in Cabo he has a drum set and when Jason sits down at it he thinks they changed the set. He said he hits them right. Howard asked what it is that he does differently. Jason said his father was a heavy hitter. He said he holds the stick very far in his hand. He said his dad could play and his kit sounded like his kit but even his toy kit sounded like him when he played. Howard asked if his dad taught him to play. Jason said his dad got him to do a Genesis song and he sat down and played it. He said that his dad got him to do it in like 3 tries and his dad wondered what the big deal was if his 12 year old can play that song.

Howard said Robert Plant was in there and he asked him about seeing Jason playing drums and crying. He said Robert was talking about how he was so emotional about seeing his friend’s son up there. Jason said that was a surprise to them all that he was there. He said no one knew he was going to be there. Howard said the guy was in tears.

Howard said there was going to be a Zeppelin tour but Robert wanted nothing to do with it. He said he told Jason that his father was Zeppelin. Jason said they thought the tour was going to happen and he asked Robert if it was and Robert said what he knows of his father is amazing but it would be idiotic to carry on. He said Robert said they should just leave it at that. Howard said that’s a big deal. Sammy said that is a big deal and a classy way to handle it.

Sammy said they see people dying like flies and he would love to see Led Zeppelin but he gets it. He said it’s very classy.

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    WTF was this article about? And why didn’t Robert Plant tour??

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    I’ll fix the title…Robert Plant doesnt want another Zepplin tour since his voice has been going downhill since the very early 70’s. Do your research…..

  • Ultraworld

    Bonzo’s death deeply affected Robert Plant. He can’t take seeing someone else back there. But he had no problem playing with Alison Krauss and band.