Led Zeppelin Singer Drops 2023 Tour Bombshell


Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant is planning to tour the United States in the year of our Lord, 2023. It appears Mr. Plant has a few more hits and tricks up his long sleeves, and he has no problem putting them out on display for the entire United States to see. If he is able to be endorsed by substantial sponsors it could mean his career might extend well into the 2030’s. Only time will tell. For now though let us focus on the present, the year of our Lord, 2022, and see what’s happening with Plant’s latest tour.

As per Led Zep News, Robert Plant will tour the US in Spring and Summer 2023. He is also working on releasing the second Band Of Joy album and an expanded edition of the Honeydrippers album. See, I knew it. More up his long sleeves. This is according to an email he sent on December 22 to subscribers to Plant’s official mailing list.

“During and around all the events this year, RP has been busy working in the studio refining new work from the Honeydrippers collection and reviewing the progress that was made with Band of Joy Vol 2,” the email read.

“Look out for announcements in the New Year as we’ll be touring the US again in Spring and Summer 2023,” it continued.

It’s unclear at this time which band Plant will tour with. He performed across the US with Alison Krauss in 2022 but has been touring more recently with Saving Grace. Saving Grace had planned a US tour in 2020 but were forced to cancel it because of the pandemic. As most were.

The email mentions Plant working on material related to his Honeydrippers project confirms the LedZepNews story published earlier this month that a box set edition of “The Honeydrippers: Volume One” is on the way.

Plant is additionally working on releasing the second Band Of Joy album, which is titled “Band Of Joy Volume 2”.That album was initially announced as coming soon in July 2020 but no mention of its release has been made since that time.

Plant was asked about the second Band Of Joy album in a 2021 interview with Mojo Magazine but the magazine reported that he “winces at the notion of reconvening to complete it.”

There you have it music fans. Plant is back, live and living color. Loud and alive. It should be a highly fascinating tour. I am certain the venues will all be sold out.