Led Zeppelin Singer Reveals New 2022 Album?


Led Zeppelin legend Robert Plant had previously dropped hints about working with the band Saving Grace. Judging by the hints, it turns out that he is recording an album with the band.

Robert Plant seemingly working on a new album

The latest clue that a Saving Grace album is on the way comes after the band’s drummer, Oli Jefferson, was referred to by a sponsor as playing live and also recording with the band. Los Cabos Drumsticks announced that it is sponsoring Jefferson in an Instagram post published on May 28.

“Oli has developed a sound that is recognizable and has led him to taking the seat as the live/recording drummer in Robert Plant’s latest project Saving Grace ft. Suzi Dian. Whilst this is Oli’s primary focus, he keeps busy independently gigging and recording with Suzi Dian and Liquid Cheeks and is currently the live drummer for Blue Nation and a number of other artists,” the post read in part.

The key part of the post is “live/recording drummer”. Saving Grace are not known to have recorded any music as of yet and instead have been playing live shows together since the band’s formation in 2019.

Saving Grace most recently toured the UK together in April and early May before Plant flew to the US in preparation for his world tour with Alison Krauss which begins on June 1.

Plant reportedly mentioned on stage during this tour in April that he has been recording an album with Saving Grace. While being interviewed on “The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show” on BBC Radio 2 on November 23, Plant was asked whether he’ll release an album with Saving Grace or potentially a live recording with the band.

“Saving Grace is a bunch of friends back from on the Welsh borders, Worcestershire, and we do shows, very discreet, undercover shows,” Plant said. “It’s a beautiful sound, a magnificent sound and it’s delicately tiptoeing its way to one day being yet another thing that we mustn’t know or talk about … so yes.”

Plant’s comments were cryptic. However, it was made clear that he does have plans to release recorded material with Saving Grace.