Lenny Kravitz Reveals What Slash Was Really Like In High School


Lenny Kravitz discussed attending the same high school as Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash in a new interview with Eddie Trunk (transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar):

“We went to high school together. We weren’t friends but I knew him. We were like, cool. I never went to his house or anything, but I used to see him in the hallway a lot. He and I were in the hallway a lot. [Chuckles]”
So did you reconnect when you became established musicians?

“I was at the American Music Awards. They [Guns N’ Roses] won a bunch of awards and [Lenny’s 1989 debut album] ‘Let Love Rule’ had just come out.

“And we saw each other – we were sitting near each other at the awards and… *points finger* It didn’t have anything to do with Lenny Kravitz or Guns N’ Rose; we were both like, ‘Wait a minute. I remember you!’

“And then we talked and like, ‘Oh, wow! We both went to school together.’ And then we got friendly again, and at the end of ‘Use Your Illusion’ tour, he took the Concord from London, showed up in New York, went straight to my house, and then we went to [the studio] and cut that song [‘Always on the Run’].

“It was just, ‘You play your stuff, I play my stuff, let’s play together.’ The first thing he did was the ‘Fields of Joy’ solo on [1991’s] ‘Mama Said.’ And then I said, ‘Why don’t we write something?’ The day his tour ended, he came to New York and we did that.”