Les Techno’s “Come Along” Is Incredible Throwback to 80’s Punk Influenced New Wave


With a flair for striking social satire and completely fantastical musical mutations, Les Techno is etching our a pretty spectacular spot in the music world all to himself. Anyone familiar with him- maybe his storied history making tracks for rappers Run DMC and Mobb Deep and cutting his teeth as a guitarist in New York rock clubs- knows that outside the box is somewhere Les Techno not only operates, but completely thrives.

So, it should come as no shock that his latest offering, “Come Along”, is well, shocking. Close your eyes and you’ll swear to God Les just brought you back to the heyday of 80’s punk influenced new wave. At times, Techno’s fantastic lyrics and lounge-in-cheek delivery take a back seat to the manic, bouncing backbeat but it’s on repeated listens that “Come Along” comes to life. Techno finds a way to take Inxs/Peter Gabriel styled new-wave and filter it through the lens of punk rock attitude.

The massive chorus is nearly upstaged by a pair of domineering guitar solos but in a true testament to what he does so well, Techno finds a way to overfill the three-and-a-half-minute song with so many highlights yet never approaching the sentiment of “too much”.  Brilliant, uncompromising artists find a way to never surrender. Techno is just that. With each left turn and unexpected piece of his mad-scientist approach to creating timeless, cutting music, you’re left craving one more hook or one more fantastic lyric. And time and time again, Techno one ups himself.

There are few truer artists in today’s musical climate than Les Techno. It’s worth noting that no one ever got to where they wanted to be- or made an impact- by playing it safe. Les Techno is living proof of that; and proof that if you follow your convictions and stay true to your art, the possibilities are endless- and fantastic! Check out Les Techno across his various social media sites and check out “Come Along”.