Rush Singer Geddy Lee ‘Replacement’ Revealed


The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus revealed his Rush and Geddy Lee and Rush fandom and disclosed how Lee replaced him during a recent hotel stay not too long ago. The A-list actor tweeted: “Geddy Lee checked into my room as I checked out. This is awesome!” Geddy Lee alcohol photo revealed after Rush tragedy.

In other news regarding Geddy Lee and Rush fans recently took to the prominent Rush message board TheRushForum to discuss their favorite concert memories of the band. One user, JohnnyBlaze stated: “My first gig ever was in ‘83 for the New World Tour. I was a 10-year-old 5th grader but I already was a diehard fan and knew every song they played and could sing (badly) nearly all of the lyrics. Jon Butcher Axis opened and even that left an impression. People threw frisbees and other stuff at the band as they played. I remember asking my eldest bro who took me to the show why the audience was doing that and his answer was something like, “They’re just being buttholes because they’re too impatient to see Rush.” 😆 True though.” Rush singer Geddy Lee ‘disease secret’ finally revealed.

The user also said: “What else? I remember Count Floyd. I remember Geddy’s dorky new wave sleeveless shirt. I remember Alex and Neil looking bigger than I imagined. I remember asking big bro what that strange smell was in the auditorium…Mary Jane. I remember the Florida crowd going nuts when Countdown was played with all the visuals complimenting it. I remember the music critic, Claudia Perry, shredding Rush in the papers the next day. She said that the audience would’ve been better off spending their $10 (the cost of the ticket) on Pac-Man at the local arcade. More negative than that though – during the intro, some idiotic fan on the floor pulled out a knife and was trying to knife his way through the floor crowd.”

The fan concluded: “I believe nobody was seriously injured as security took the dude out pretty quickly. Rush didn’t know about it until after the gig. I can’t help but think that that incident was at least part of the reason why they skipped my town (Jax) over the next several years as the next time I’d see them wasn’t until Presto. A lot of strong memories to be had that night.” Geddy Lee wearing woman’s clothing was revealed in a photo recently.