Les Techno’s “Where Were You?” Proves He’s A Mad Genius, Nine Inch Nails Fans Will Love It


Les Techno hits it hard on their latest single, “Where Were You?”. Post-punk brilliance touched off with a healthy dose of garage rock for good measure stop you in your tracks from the onset of this killer track. When the track launches the bass rumbles ever so quickly before harrowing, synths drape over the steady, pulsating back beat. Les Techno hails from New York and “Where Were You?” is jam packed with the vibrancy and energy of the city that never sleeps at its most raucous.

Les Techno’s Bowie-like delivery in the chorus sends chills running up and down your spine. There’s hints of new-wave and industrial rock ala Nine Inch Nails servings throughout the track that lend layers of musical complexity to the organized mayhem. Techno’s voice carries a youthful enthusiasm with a dash of cynicism throughout the verses. He changes directions on the dime without losing any intensity or sacrificing the clear, crisp clarity of his voice.

It’s clear throughout this cut that Les Techno possess a mad genius like quality when it comes to composing music. There’s a plethora of genres at work in this small sample size. Techno cut his teeth as a guitarist in a few New York bands as well as writing and producing songs for artists from a variety of genres. Throughout his prolific career, he has worked with Run-Dmc, Mobb Deep and Willie One Blood to name a few. It’s not hard to understand the plethora of eclectic artists bled its way into his own musical DNA when creating his own brand of anti-genre rock.

Les Techno is a true innovator. He’s already received a healthy dose of critical acclaim from his earlier EP, Whatever Happened to Les Techno? “Where Were You?” continues Techno’s hot streak and shows his seemingly boundary-less approach to crafting powerful, out of the box anthems. Les Techno deserves your attention. IF you want to find out more and hear more of this musical mad genius, check out the links below!