Kurt Cobain’s Secret To Getting High In Drug Rehab Revealed


Seattle Times have up a new article on former Hole drummer Patty Schemel’s new book Hit So Hard.

The article states:

The saddest part of Schemel’s book is watching her drug use slowly move to center stage. She picks up no songwriting tips from Cobain, but does learn from him how to score more sedatives while going through detox. Travel tips include such observations as, “Pre-9/11, I simply carried a preloaded syringe in my pocket so I could use on the plane.” Business relationships and friendships fall by the wayside — but how could it be otherwise? Schemel makes it clear her main relationship was always with illicit substances, as evidenced by chapter titles like “How to Buy Drugs In New York City” and “The Art Of The Four-Day Detox.”

She also told Billboard about her addiction.

“Both my parents were alcoholics, so I’m predisposed to alcoholism. As a child feeling weird, awkward and gay, I discovered drums, and they were my first drug. Then I had my first drink [at age 12] and felt I’d arrived in my body. I never thought that would take me to shooting heroin, but one drug leads to another. At first, heroin is like a blanket. Or like your mom hugging you. But the bliss is so temporary. It turns dark quickly. And then it’s on: the chase to get back to that feeling.”