Liam Gallagher’s Proposal For Queens of the Stone Age & Oasis Tour Will Blow Your Mind


Queens of the Stone Age members Josh Homme and Troy Van Leeuwen were recently interviewed by NME, and they discussed former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher.

Troy said, “He said the funniest thing to me once. He said, ‘Our bands should play together.’ He said, ‘The best band in the world, and the second best band in the world.’ And I laughed my fucking ass off.”

Homme added, “I love hearing him and his brother fling lines like frisbees into the world.”

Queens of the Stone Age front man Josh Homme says having Mark Ronson produce their latest album Villains, was like having a sixth member in their band.

Ronson was brought in after Homme worked with him on Lady Gaga’s album Joanne.

It may seem like an unlikely pairing but that is exactly why the QOTSA front man wanted to do it.

“I felt our combination was odd on paper and would demand that you have an open mind,” Homme tells Newsbeat.

“Some people would have some preconceived notion that would be incorrect.”

“But after working with Ronson on the Lady Gaga record I saw how much excitement and energy was coming from being a fan.”

“How excited he was of the music he is working on and how much he threw himself into the music and that is what I like to do.”