Limp Bizkit Savagely Attacked By Ozzy Osbourne Bandmate


Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde revealed why he said ‘f**k Limp Bizkit‘ and ‘Limp Bizkit can suck big, fat, motherf**king cocks’ in a new BI interview. Ozzy Osbourne uploaded a creepy photo from the beach just yesterday.

“The funny thing is, we rented a plane over at the Roxy one night and Father Fred [Durst] was there, we were sitting backstage and Fred goes, ‘Zakk, lemme see your vest, man.’ We ended up taking a picture together, he’s got the vest and everything like that, and he’s, like, ‘F**k Limp Bizkit,’ so it was pretty funny. No, Fred’s a good dude; Wes [Borland, guitar], all the guys in the band… but how that came about, I remember I had to go, like, we were talking about the record company thing and all that stuff, so after I did the ‘Book of Shadows’ thing, I wasn’t with Geffen anymore, I didn’t have any record deal, like, the climate of music was changing and obviously you had Limp Bizkit with the whole rap-rock thing that was going on…

So everything else was, you know, you’re damaged goods at that point. I didn’t have any label, so we’re done, so I’m making the rounds talking to these record companies, and it’s just, like, ‘Zakk, you know, this whole thing you’re doing now, it’s just, like, maybe if you were more like…’ and they look back on the thing on the wall and there’s a picture of Limp Bizkit and they go, ‘Well, maybe if you were more like, you know, Limp Bizkit, it would be an easier sell.’

At the time, Limp Bizkit selling 60 gazillion records and they’re the biggest band in the world, so once again it makes sense, but I go, ‘So let me get this straight: if I put a fucking Yankee hat on backward, start wearing some fucking baggy clothes and put some Vans on and start going ‘yo, yo, yo,’ that’s gonna fucking fix everything?’ I was, like, ‘Go f**k yourself,’ and I just f**king walked out of the place. That’s where the whole ‘f**k Limp Bizkit’ thing began. At that point, I was just, like, ‘Basically, what you’re telling me is: I gotta quit and get some shitty job that I can’t stand. Go f**k yourself.’ That’s how the whole thing came about, basically me fighting for my life, just going, ‘No, I ain’t gonna lay down and quit.'”

Ultimate-Guitar transcribed Wylde’s comments.