Limp Bizkit Singer Direct Message To Elon Musk Leaks


90’s punk rock band, Limp Bizkit, recently offered to help “Mr. Aliens Exist” Elon Musk. Yes, the band that rocked the Undertaker to the WWE ring during the early 2000’s think they possess the key to unlock Musk’s Twitter Universe. Do you think that Elon Musk needs help? There are thousands of Twitter for Twits employees who would disagree.

As per Loudwire, Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst tweeted Elon Musk, alerting him that he and his band are all “available for any help” that may be needed at Twitter. So, it would seem that Bizkit need jobs? That’s how I’m reading it.

Ever since Tesla, SpaceX and Neuralink co-founder “Mr. Aliens Exist” Musk purchased Twitter for $44 billion in a hostile takeover of the social media platform, news updates have come seemingly by the hour. And why wouldn’t they. Musk owns the Twitter for twits universe now. He can twit about whatever he wants whenever he wants – as can those who write for him.

Quite a lot of the coverage has been centered on turmoil surrounding the company — mass layoffs, a rocky launch, and a re-launch of the new “blue check” paid subscription model, increasing scrutiny from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) regarding privacy and security concerns; the release of the “Twitter Files” where documents reportedly show the FBI’s past engagement urging content moderation, on-a-whim and reactionary account bans and suspensions as guidelines are continuously in flux and various polls regarding future staff and policy decisions, including Musk’s own role as the company’s CEO.

All this leads many to believe that Twitter for twits may indeed need the “help” that Durst alleges.

Late morning on Dec. 20, Durst tweeted at Musk, stating, “Good morning, sir. Myself and @limpbizkit are available for any help you may want or need at Twitter. Happy Holidays.”

Bold move Mr. Bizkit. Perhaps you will score the new Twitter for twits soundtrack.