U2 Singer Bono Reveals Truth About Real Name


Has anyone else ever wondered why Bono is called Bono from U2. Or, what on earth does Bono even mean? The Irish-born former choir boy who’s been performing onstage in front of the world since the nineteen eighties recently revealed the origins of his odd name – and why you should never ever ever call him Paul Hewson.

As per Audacy, Bono is a name recognized all around the world. It was given to Paul Hewson (Bono) the lead singer of one of the biggest bands from Ireland of all time, U2. The nickname is undoubtedly iconic to fans, and the only name the frontman ever wants to be called by fans. Them’s are fighting words. Sunday bloody Sunday. 

Bono or Paul said:
“I’ve been called a lot of things over the years,” he told Virgin Radio UK. “I was 3 years old, [my friend] was 4, and we had a sort of street gang into our teens and I had many nicknames. I’m very pleased that I qualified to Bono, though even that is tricky in some quarters.”

Bono or Paul continued to share that fans calling him Bono over the years has created a special bond and unity. The same goes for U2 lead guitarist, keyboardist, and backing vocalist, David Howell Evans, AKA The Edge – not Wrestling Edge or professional wrestler, Edge.

“The really significant thing is, I suppose, that we decided to be called by those names when we went out into the public because it implies a kind of intimacy with your audience, which is nice.”

He continued, “Some people will occasionally come up to me and say, ‘Hey, Paul, how are you doing, Paul?’ as if that’s getting close. The last person to call me Paul was my dad, and he’s dead. So don’t call me Paul.”

No we know. Bono is really Paul, but Paul is not really Bono. At least, never to be called Paul, yet only Bono. Reminds you of a Jake the Snake Roberts interview.