Linkin Park May Be Joined Famous Singer In 2021


Linkin Park have been inactive for the last 3 years since Chester Bennington’s death, only performing live for his memorial show at the Hollywood Bowl in October 2017. The band have celebrated the 20th anniversary of <a href=””>Hybrid Theory this year with unheard material and have hinted at possibly continuing in the future, and now Canadian-American singer Grandson is making it known he wants to collaborate with the 2000’s rock legends.

Grandson tweeted on Monday, “GRANDSON X LINKIN PARK.” Mike Shinoda recently shared a rare photo online with Linkin Park’s first singer Mark Wakefield, who fronted the band briefly when they were known as Xero in the late 90’s. Shinoda wrote, “OK, one last throwback for the week. You asked for a Xero performance pic, here it is. That’s me and Mark W. on the right.

We played an in-store at BackSide Records in Burbank for like 20 people. All the rest of my Xero / #HybridTheory photos are in the #HT20 box set! Make sure to keep streaming #HybridTheory20, ‘first week’ numbers wrap up soon. ❤️”

Shinoda shared another rare photo and wrote, “This was the infamous RV we lived and traveled in during our first tour of the US. The second photo is the inside, with us playing Puzzle Fighter (our favorite game at the time).

Most of the guys took turns driving; Brad and Rob generally entrusted me with their shifts because I was better at driving this beast (and they wanted extra sleep).

Each time we showed up at a venue, we’d unload our gear ourselves and keep an eye out for thieves while we set up on a piece of the stage barely big enough to fit the band. After shows, we’d meet with (mostly new) fans outside, hanging out and occasionally signing an autograph.”

Shinoda has stayed active in the last couple of years musically, releasing Post Traumatic in 2018, and the Dropped Frames trilogy this year. Could we see a Linkin Park reunion tour, or a Linkin Park new singer in the future? We’ll have to wait and see!