Dave Grohl Snubbed Big Name At Kurt Cobain Funeral: ‘He Knew’


In a new How The Hell Did That Happen? with Mary Lou Lord and Maryanne Window podcast, Lord discussed her late ex-boyfriend, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. Here, Lord discussed Dave Grohl boldly choosing to go to Krist Novoselic’s Kurt Cobain after funeral party instead of Courtney Love’s. She also said Grohl was very kind to her, because he ‘knew the whole fucking deal.’ Alternative Nation reporter Mike Mazzarone transcribed her comments.

Lord: So Steve [Fisk] the next day or a couple of days later went to kind of a funeral service. I was with Steve and I said ‘Steve, I don’t know if I should go’ and he said ‘just come, whatever.’ So, I went and I saw Eric outside and Eric signaled to just come in. It was basically all the Nirvana people, I sat in the back and it was just crazy. So sad, Kurt [Cobain’s] mom, Courtney [Love], everybody was there.

Later on she discussed seeing Dave Grohl.

Lord: Oh shit, right? So that was crazy, after all of that, that was nuts, right? So I didn’t end up going to Courtney’s after the service. I went to Krist and Shelly’s. So the record company people and the lawyers, corporate went to Courtney’s Seattle house. The normal people, the friends [did their own little thing]. It was nice because Krist was there, Dave was there, they were really nice to me, they knew who I was, they knew the whole fucking deal, whatever. It wasn’t like this big deal, it was like, Kurt had died, you know and they weren’t worried about Mary Lou Lord, whatever. They didn’t give a shit, you know? Everybody was just trying to support everyone else. It was really, really crazy.