Linkin Park Set To Release Songs With Big Name Singer


Linkin Park confirmed that they have 1998 studio demos with original singer Mark Wakefield set for release, from back when the band’s name was Xero prior to Chester Bennington joining, Alternative Nation has learned.

The Xero demos include “Dialate”, “Reading My Eyes”, and “Esaul”.

Mike Shinoda said, “Begrudgingly, Mark agreed to let us release the songs with his vocals, shout out to him for that.” Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year with a reissue.

Linkin Park have been on hiatus since Chester Bennington died by suicide in July 2017, only performing live with guest singers at a tribute show at the Hollywood Bowl in October 2017. In recent months, Linkin Park’s surviving members have hinted at the band possibly regrouping, though no search for a permanent new singer has been revealed.

In other Linkin Park news, Hybrid Theory was recently certified 12 times Platinum. Crow38 detailed how the record label wanted Mike Shinoda kicked out of the band during their early days.

“It’s crazy to think about from then to now, the label wanted Mike to get kicked out of the group which is fucked up and there is no way the band would have had its sustained success and change sounds a bunch of times.

The most successful band of its generation and Mike is able to be the most normal super rock star that exists on this planet. the average fan has no idea how much Mike did for the band and didn’t get the recognition he deserves for the band’s success while him having to do all the hard work. Mike then changed to being the face when Chester died.” Chester Bennington’s widow discussed the family suffering another tragedy late last year.