Guns N’ Roses Reveal Why Original Lineup Reunion Is ‘Impossible’


Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan was interviewed by pro wrestling icon and AEW wrestler Chris Jericho on his podcast, Talk is Jericho. Here, McKagan revealed to the Fozzy frontman why plans for the original reunion lineup fell apart. AlternativeNation transcribed McKagan and Jericho’s comments.

Jericho: Was there ever a thought of trying with the original five guys?

Duff: Sure, but there were just some things where it was just impossible to get [it] to work. It’s not like we didn’t try and with Steven [Adler] it was great to bring him out where he could and play a couple of songs. This is a long set, like you said, gig shape. You have to train like a pro athlete. Not any different. I’m fifty-five years old, I’ fifty-five and I gotta train like I’m twenty-eight or twenty-five. So, that takes a lot [out of you], you gotta have the mindset, you gotta have the fighters mindset.

Duff McKagan discussed Axl Rose’s liberal political posts on Twitter in a new Rolling Stone interview.

McKagan laughs at the notion of “woke Axl.”

“I love that,” he says. “I’m going to talk about that with him when I get back home. ‘Are you aware that you’re being called “Woke Axl?” He probably is.

“But don’t get it twisted,” he continues, “if he says something on Twitter, he’s thought about it. He knows the backup stories from every angle, and if somebody chose to debate him, I don’t care who it is, you’re going to be fucked. He’s a well-spoken and well-read dude who has experienced a lot. I believe he’s concerned about his country, so ‘Woke Axl’ it is.”

Duff McKagan discussed Axl Rose prepare for Guns N’ Roses shows in a new WAAF interview.

“Watching Axl prepare for a show — an hour and a half [of] vocal warmups,” Duff said (hear audio below). “And then when he goes onstage and just kind of the thing that comes over him… That guy couldn’t phone in a gig… He couldn’t do it. He would die first, I think; you would have to shoot him in the head. And then the hour-and-a-half warmdowns. And watching Slash play guitar all day long, and then lose himself when we play the shows. Sometimes he’s just gone. When he’s [doing] his solo, I have to sometimes actually tap him on the foot, like, ‘Dude, come back into the song.’ ‘Oh, what? Okay.’ So that makes me work.”

He continued: “I don’t know if I’m as talented as those guys, so I feel like I always have to work twice as hard, and I love that. So I go in my basement. And my wife knows — I go to the basement. I’m there for six hours or seven hours. It’s just where I go to do my thing. Sometimes she’ll come down and I’ll play for her, and then she’ll go back, but she knows that’s the time when I’ve gotta put in my work, my hours. And I love putting in my hours.”

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