Lisa Marie Presley Meltdown On Heroin Revealed


Very sad news as Lisa Marie Presley has just been said to have spent upwards of $400,000 a month in detox to help her get away from alcohol, painkillers, and anti depressants. This comes in as it was also stated by family of Lisa’s that they suspect her death to have been caused by weight loss medication that she was taking.

Lisa Marie Presley started using drugs when she was a teen. “I did everything but mushrooms and heroin… or crack,” she stated.

Lisa Marie Presley lost just about fifty pounds in less than six weeks leading up to her untimely death. This was also just after she recently received plastic surgery (per sources in the family). The morning of Lisa’s death, she was said to have complained about stomach issues, which may have been a warning sign that something just wasn’t right internally.

Per Marca – For Lisa’s detox program, she checked into the Church Of Scientology, which was costing her close to half a million a month. At one point, Lisa would be taking upwards of 80 pills a day to feed her habit. This is really a shame because seeing the way that Lisa Marie went through life seems very similar to what her father went through.

In fact, it was stated that the reason why Lisa Marie wanted to lose so much weight was due to her wanting to show up to the Golden Globes to celebrate the Elvis biopic. At the Golden Globes, Lisa looked very out of it and somewhat emaciated as she would be talking to interviews about what she was wearing. The warning signs all seemed to be there, but yet, it didn’t seem like this would be the end to the beautiful life of Lisa Marie Presley.

We hope that the family finds solace in this time and we wish her fans and friends the best as well.