Listen To New Foo Fighters Song “The Line”


Foo Fighters have released a new track titled “The Line” off of their new album Concrete and Gold.

01. T-Shirt
02. Run
03. Make It Right
04. The Sky Is A Neighborhood
05. La Dee Da
06. Dirty Water
07. Arrows
08. Happy Ever After (Zero Hour)
09. Sunday Rain
10. The Line
11. Concrete And Gold

Foo Fighters members Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins discussed their cars in a new interview with Matt & Jerry. When asked about their quickest cars, they had some interesting answers.

Hawkins said, “I don’t have a flash car. I drive a Subaru Baja 2005. Subarus are good, they’re tough, they’re hard to kill. I still have my old truck high school too, it’s a red Toyota, 86.”

Grohl added, “I have a Tesla P100D, and that car goes 0 to 60 in 2.4 seconds. It’s the fastest car I’ve ever been in my entire life. I’m sure that when people see me driving it, they’re like, ‘Dave Grohl is a fucking asshole.'”

Hawkins said, “I’m sorry, but an asshole car is like a Bentley or something like that, that’s like a status car. Tesla’s are just fucking badass. My wife has one, and it’s like driving a fucking spaceship, it really is. There’s nothing gnarlier than that car out there, it really is the future of cars. It’s just a fucking badass car. But if you’re driving a Rolls, you’re like, ‘Okay, look at me!'”

Tesla P100D’s are listed at $140,000 and up online.

Matt discussed the interview in a blog:

“Wednesday arvo at the InterContinental Double Jeremy Wells and I were led to an adjacent hotel room to the one in which the IV would take place. It was great because we could hear the other interviewers’ questions which we stole. It wasn’t great when we heard Dave say to his people: ‘Please tell me that was the last interview, my ass hurts, please, no more.’ It was a demoralising moment for a couple of dudes who had flown all the way from Auckland for 15 minutes of fame with Grohl.

There we were sitting waiting like a couple of idiots with our highly offensive sexual gift for the great man. Then it all got better again. Dave realised we had heard him saying he couldn’t be bothered doing our interview. He apologised profusely. He looked mortified. He genuinely cared that he might have hurt the feelings of a couple of bottom-feeder radio punishers from New Zealand.”

Matt also said, “He has every reason to be a dick to the last interviewers after a long day of interviews. But he wasn’t, he was nice. Generous with his time and answers.”