Stone Temple Pilots Reveal If They Have Found A New Singer


Stone Temple Pilots have still not chosen a new singer according to bassist Robert DeLeo in a new Billboard interview. Photos from a rehearsal/tryout with Jeff Gutt surfaced in May, with ex-Filter guitarist Geno Lenardo strongly hinting that he could be the band’s new singer. John Borja has also been rumored to be in the mix for the gig since fall 2016.

“Dean [DeLeo, guitarist] and I are always writing music, whether it’s for STP or not. Hopefully we will find a singer who will be that guy, and represent what we want to do moving forward. I think there’s a lot of music to be made, still, and I think we all feel we want to continue — not only that, but also playing songs that we wrote 25, 30 years ago that mean a lot to me, and I think there’s people out there who want to hear those songs, too.”

“When it all comes together it’ll come together. It’ll feel right and we’ll proceed forward. This is not an overnight decision. This is a series of getting together with someone and really figuring out what they are all about and if that’s right for us.”

He added that auditions have been interesting.

“It’s been very interesting. You get some interesting scenarios with people. There’s been some colorful people, I should say [Laughs] … Some of these people, they sing in their bedroom and their mom and dad tell ’em they’re great. Then they get into a room with a band that’s turned up to 10 and expect to lead the band. You can pretty much tell right off the bat that’s not happening with certain people. There are a lot of things to look at to really, really choose someone to move forward with.”